How to Get a Meeting with Anyone: An Interview with Stu Heinecke

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone: An Interview with Stu Heinecke

If you knew you would be 100% successful at getting an appointment with your ideal customer, what would that do for you? One meeting can change everything. What if you could to that 100 times, with 100% effectiveness? How long would it take for your business to be where you want it to be? If I told you that there is a way, would you believe me? It seems incredible, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

What I am about to share will be embraced by only a few, even though many will want to answer the call. The approach I am about to detail will take courage to do because it is contrary to almost anything you’ve been told to do.  You will know it’s right, but it won’t feel right. But it is.

What if I told you that selling is similar to dating? That you must stand out and be perceived as different to attract attention and gain initial connection? Search your feelings, Luke. You know it to be true. So, join me on the fun side.

One person who has proven these techniques is Stu Heinecke, a founder in a shadow movement that he calls “contact marketing.”  On a recent interview with him, I was able to dig into some of the concepts he shares in his award-winning book, How To Get A Meeting With Anyone.  Stu describes contact marketing as a way of sending something of meaning (intrinsic or extrinsic) that gains the attention of a prospect in order to obtain a meeting with them. You can use humor, wit, shock, and awe. The goal is to get your VIP to think, “I like the way this guy thinks!”

Here are the basic steps Stu gives for using contact marketing.

Step 1. Identify the VIP.

Step 2. Call the executive assistant and make them aware that something special is going to be sent to the VIP. Gain their permission and buy in.

Step 3. Send the details to the executive assistant.

Step 4. Send a thank you to the executive assistant.

Step 5. Send the VIP something that makes them say, “I like the way this person thinks!” Laughter can be useful. Also, materials that may seem synonymous with your value proposition or a struggle they may be going through. This can be anything from bacon band-aids, to personalized cartoons, to burner phones, even a carrier pigeon. Include a handwritten note.

Step 6. Call the VIP, ask them if they received your contact piece, begin a conversation with them, and present your value. Ask for the appointment.

Step 7. Repeat because you know that you’re magic!

As a sales coach, I have proven this model.

Here are two places I have used the concepts to gain market share. The first case happened out of frustration. I was having great difficulty gaining sales appointments with the otherwise friendly people of a community in Maine (our second destination). Nobody was letting me in. Finally, after trying everything I knew, I decided to soften them a witty pre-touch. I purchased 10 craft bottles from a craft store. Then I wrote witty notes, rolled them up, and put them in the bottles. I had them delivered and then called the VIP’s. 80% took my call. Of those, 100% booked an appointment.

I have coached many of my clients to use these techniques. All of them see some kind of increase. One guy had an immediate influx of 10 new deals—in 2 days! Even cooler than the immediate increase in business is the magic effect. People feel magic when they do this stuff. This gives more confidence to ask for the sale. And they are having fun. How much better are we when we are having fun?

This stuff works. You should listen to Stu’s results and the results of all of the practitioners who he has connected with over the past few years. You have to read the book and definitely listen to his interview on this podcast.

Be different. Show authentic care. Be enthusiastic and genuine. Love them and they’ll love you back.

Key Points from the podcast:

7:10 The art isn’t in saying it with fewer words, but more thoughtful words. Humor is also good.

12:05 Stu considered a 10% response rate a disaster…He needed to get 100%, and got it through contact marketing!

16:05 Your goal is to get them to say, “Man, I love the way this guy thinks.” How much better would things go if people said this about you?

18:00 There are stories of people sending swords…pigeons…

20:28 Business Romantic—using dating tactics to gain the attention of your prospects.

22:20 Audacity is a big part of gaining attention.

33:47 Marketing is just the handshake or wink; but if that’s all, then we die there.

36:40 Big board step by step

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