Your Answers are Behind the Next Door

This is a great topic – it will make a difference for you in your prospecting journey. Many of us have been at a place in our career where we have nowhere to turn, we just feel like quitting. There seem to be these roadblocks that are difficult to get around.

We all know that is not a good place to be!

You can really integrate this into your life, your selling efforts, and sharing your dreams with the world. I really absorb this fundamental and want you to remember this line each day, and you’ll be golden out in the selling world…

Your answers are behind the next door! 

I’ll never forget when selling books out in the middle of the world, New York. I knocked on a door and out comes this angry man. I was off his porch and out of his yard as quick as I’ve ever been. Thank goodness for being an athlete, right? But even he threw me off my game completely. It got even worse when the next door over was his sister’s house. There he was, at her house to run me out of there!

It was pretty devastating, but you know what? I kept going. Knowing that my prospecting goal was at that next door. I kept going! It was a great day because of it. I wasn’t going to let one angry fella ruin my day.

I would say to myself, “Your prospecting answers are right there… that next door!”

They are not with managers, or friends, or kids; they are behind that next door. Constantly going and getting that next person, or getting that next call is what will keep you moving. The quicker you get going and get to the next person, the quicker things will start getting better for you.

Choosing the right words is no less important to the outcome of the prospecting game than choosing the right techniques.

Go out and choose your words today wisely. Go out and make those calls, knock on those doors, keep knocking, and get to the next one.

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