Why They Choose to Buy and How You Solidify the Sale

How many of you in sales deal with cancelations?

Ever been where you get an incredible sale and then you get that email or phone call, “Dave, this has all been great, but it’s not the route we need to go now.”? If that’s a big sale, and you’ve worked on it for a long time, it can definitely ruin your day, or even week depending on just how big that sale was. Yikes! So, now what?

Let’s talk about eliminating cancelations and solidifying the sale. When you’re all done with your sales presentation, you’ve closed them, gotten your referrals, and about to walk out the door, you ask: “Why did you decide to do business with me?” You can ask this question however you’d like, but the principle of the question is “Why?” You will then say, “Give me your top two reasons you decided to work with me and chose my product.”

Really listen to what they have to say. Take in their reasoning, and get that receipt or contract you have with them, and you write those two reasons on that. Write down those two things they loved about working with you. Let’s say that they really like that you were enthusiastic about your product, and it was going to help them get to where they wanted to be in their life or business.

Now you have that written down and you send them a copy of that receipt or contract with those two reasons.

That will be the first thing they see when they look at the receipt. And what do they need when they want to cancel? That receipt! What will they see on it first? Those two reasons why they bought in the first place and did business with you!

Another great thing about asking the “why” question is that will be what they think about last when they leave the meeting with you. It will also be what they will think about next when talking to others about their purchase. You leave that as the last thought in their brain and they have stories to share. We all know how important stories are! You also get to share your story with other potential buyers of why they chose your product. Solidify that sale strong, write down those reasons on that receipt, and watch those cancelations go down! It will make all the difference in the world for you!

Go be great today!

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