Shake Up Your Response

You’re out there meeting new people or networking, and you get asked the same questions. Those oh-so-normal conversational questions that everyone seems to ask. The “how are you doing?” or “who do you work for?” kinds of conversation starters. Most likely, you are like everyone else and reply with basic answers and lose your opportunity to stand out.

It’s time to show people what you’ve got!

Shake up those responses!

Take all those standard questions (you know the ones) and give them a good shake. Examples:

  • Q – “Do you have a card?”
  • Your shake up response: “Sure do.” (Pull out a 10 of hearts from the deck of cards you keep on you.) Hand it to them and on to the next topic. It’s a fun one!
  • Q – “Who are you with?” (You know they mean what company.)
  • Your shake up response: “Her name is Emmie. We’ve been married for about four years now. Who are you with?” Smile. Seriously. Smile. And continue.

I’m telling you things like this will get people to remember you. It has worked for me over the years and can really help you stand out. Give them that wow factor. Take this and run with it!

I want to know how it goes for you at your next meeting or conversation with someone. Comment here, find my social pages and send me a message, or email me how you’re shaking up your responses. You can even send me some questions you get a lot that you’re tired of answering with the same thing. I’ll let you know what I’d say!

Reminder: Poise yourself in every prospecting conversation to be the one who genuinely builds up the most people around you. Bring positivity and laughter to those you meet. Build them up and be the best you!

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