Live by the Prospecting CODE

Whenever you’ve gotten to a place in your career where you may not have as much mental structure, where the rejections and every day uphill battles can get to you, you have to look at how you can improve.

What you can add, remove, or change about your everyday life will make a positive difference for you professionally and personally. If you don’t have your mind right, everything can just fall apart. Here is a solution that works for me, it’s called “CODE.” If you live by this, things will open up, those new opportunities will arise for you daily, and you’ll start to see great results.

Live By the Prospecting CODE

Confidence – Express courage and determination. In what you do and what you say, let others know the confidence you have. Even if you have to act it, you have to show it.

Optimism – Start your day saying, “today will be a great day!” Be excited about your day, even when things aren’t looking up. See the great in what you’re doing and go out there and make it the best day, because you know it will be as great as you want it to be.

Discipline – Whenever you are prospecting, the discipline you bring to it keeps you in line. Are you doing all the little things? Are you applying everything you need to be to become a master at prospecting? Stay in line and stick to what works best for you!

Enthusiasm – If you know anything about me, you know how enthusiastic I am about what I do… because I love what I do! Things easily fall apart if you are not enthusiastic about your line of work. Eighty percent of the sale is made by enthusiasm – 80%!! Be excited about what you do, what you’re selling, and what you bring to your clients or have to offer!

When you’re living by the code of confidence, optimism, discipline, and enthusiasm, incredible things will happen in your life. You’ll see a difference in life and business and continue down the road of success.

Your prospecting potential emerges when you allow yourself to image great things! Imagine that you are a master prospector and that you are 100% connecting with people in every way, shape, or form through this process. You will get better at it! Use this CODE to become better and do great things!

Now, get after it!

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