How to Surround Yourself with Your Vision

5:30 a.m. I turn off my alarm clock, and before my feet hit the floor, I say to myself, “Today is going to be the best day yet!”

Then I walk into my bathroom and I read the Southwestern Consulting Partner Pact.

Next, I read the Southwestern Consulting Company Creed.

From there, I have my toothbrush in my mouth reading my goals, as well as my wife’s yearly goals. Right after that, I jump in the shower where I have my character traits on the wall (laminated of course, so they don’t get destroyed). At breakfast, I’m reading my affirmations and I have my vision board that sits at my desk all day long.

Before I ever get to my first phone call or my first meeting, I have absorbed my vision for myself and where I want my day to go.

Surround Yourself with Vision

You can almost absorb it in 10 minutes a day. If you put it all over the place, you are soaking it up all day long. From the second I get up, I am saying phrases, I am seeing pictures, and I am programming myself so I can see my vision.

You know what is so cool about that? Those emotions actually follow. How can I have a bad day if I have those feelings and affirmations going all day long? It also gives your prospect interaction a lot more life, doesn’t it? You aren’t just selling a product or service; you are talking and working toward the person you are becoming.

Here’s a great story. One of our coaches is in a men’s barbershop choir. He’s been doing this for a long time, and he is a really good singer! You know he had his laminated affirmations in his shower; you know this is important! But what he also did was create a song around his affirmations. He could sing it to himself every day! The things he wants to become, that vision he has for himself, he’s doing it while he’s taking a shower while working on his vocal cords. He is planting this in his mind all while doing what he loves!

Be Creative

I’m telling you, I get creative (okay, maybe crazy) with this too! I have my affirmations, my character traits, pins from my vision; I have those on my lampshades and on the toilet. I have a mirror mind-set. Some of my favorite books I have summarized and printed out around my office and home. My wife even had me put my affirmations in frames since they were all over the place! I just had to get creative, but I made sure they were where I could see them, and repeat them, and absorb them daily! It’s important for me to surround myself with my vision. My life, my business, it grows each day.

And what else is really cool is when people come over and see them, and I get to talk about and share my vision with others over and over. It’s like a subconscious growth that continually happens when you surround yourself with your vision.

Get them, use them all day long! Pin those affirmations and goals up so you can see them and talk to people about them. It will change the way you operate for the better!

Now, go crush it and be awesome today!

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