How to Make Use of Testimonials

Many times the best stories you could ever tell someone are from the experiences from your own client base. We must be effectively planting and harvesting testimonials to handle every type of objection that could ever come up in our selling career.

So many of us get caught up in…us. Whenever we are trying to talk someone through an objection, we talk about our experiences. How “I’ve had this happen…” or “I’ve done this…” or “My this, me that…” It’s not about us!

Talk about your clients and how they have worked through a certain issue with you. Talk about their experiences and how what you provided them made an impact on their lives.

You can constantly plant testimonials from what your clients tell you, use their experiences to share with others, and allow those who are interested to see the value in what you have to offer. Harvest what you plant!

Have testimonials for all of these types of objections and you’ll be golden:

  • Price – “It’s too much.”
  • Product – “I have something similar.”
  • Purchaser – “I’m not the only one to make the buying decision.”
  • Procrastination – “Let me get back to you.”

Testimonials are everywhere! Like these:

  • “You’re someone I look forward to meeting.”
  • “You are one of the most professional people I’ve worked with in any industry.”
  • “You are someone I could see myself working with for the next 20 years.”
  • “I’m so glad I didn’t wait to start using your product; it has changed my life.”

Those things, and much more, are said to you! Use them! It’s as simple as asking, “Do you mind if I share that with people?” Take it to the next level and use that story.

If you get an objection like procrastination, when someone says they need to think about it, use that testimonial where a client was glad they didn’t wait because of what all it has done for them.

You’ll always get objections so have those testimonials to back up reasons to keep going! You are great at what you do, so when people tell you that, ask permission to repeat that and give others the opportunity to know how your product has changed lives!

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