How to Leave Out Negative Words in Prospecting

Think of a time you were on the phone with your prospect, and you could tell that a negative response was coming in hot. You’ve done those calls enough that you can feel it, and the pain of waiting just takes over.

The time has come for you to step in. Take charge, and interrupt that negative response! When you hear it coming, stop them in their tracks of that negative path, and move them in a better direction.

When you start to hear things like, “This is not,” “I don’t think,” “I’m not sure,” or “I don’t have” BAM! You jump in on a positive note with: “Oh, I didn’t even mention this!” or “Let me tell you about John” right before they get too deep into that negative sentence.

If you let those responses get out in that conversation, it can change things completely.

You don’t have to rudely cut people off, but keep those negative lines from coming in and work away from them. This is about your attitude and how you approach your prospects and how you offer them your amazing product. Be someone who knows your worth and how you can change lives!

To achieve the prospecting results you desire, keep your eyes on the outcome, regardless of the part of the process you may not like…just keep going!

Go stop those negative words from being in your conversations and share how you have and can help so many!

I want to know what is working for you, what helps you redirect those conversations. Comment below!

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