How to Create a Distraction-Free Zone

It’s the start of your day, you sit down at your desk, and bam! There are all these distractions coming your way. Emails, assistants, spouses. All these things come up to fill your time and take away from that valuable time of prospecting.

This can be a problem for you! But, here’s the solution—create a distraction-free zone in your life!

This is important when you’re making calls and reaching out to prospects. Take a few hours during the day where all you do in this distraction-free zone is focus on your prospects.

How to Have a Distraction-Free Zone

Step 1: Turn off that email notification that comes up on your computer. Totally eye-catching attention grabber. Just turn it right off. Get in that zone!

Step 2: Tell family and friends of your golden hour time. For example, everyone I know knows not to call me between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. because I am making calls and not checking emails. When it’s prospecting “go-time golden hour,” I have a sign on my door that says:


Things will get solved or done faster. You will come to understand and appreciate the value of that distraction-free zone.

No need to be reactionary to everything that comes at you. Others will get things solved and figured out. They won’t mind waiting a little until you’re done and ready. During those power hours, it’s time for you to get the key things done in the day and eliminate those distractions keeping you from making the best of that time.

Break down your prospecting goals to exactly what you need to be doing every second of every day. Then be irrevocably committed to those goals.

Go be that prospecting monster and connect with a ton of people and have an incredible time doing it!

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