How to Accelerate Your Prospects with Meaningful Words

When was the last time someone told you just how great you are? Maybe you heard they had a true and honest appreciation for the type of person you were. I bet you can remember that they spoke power into your character and life! It’s something we can almost always enjoy to hear.

This is how you can Excel-Orate your prospect.

Excel,” which means move someone forward or push them. “Orate,” which means to speak over someone.

Whenever you excel-orate them, you will speak great things into their lives to move them forward and down the line where they need to go.

I have a great example of a client and friend of mine, Ryan. Ryan is awesome! He’s an extremely cool guy and a great leader. He manages an auto dealership in Illinois and is a vacuum for knowledge. He’s one of the best I’ve seen at truly leading his team and getting them going.

I remember having my first phone call with him. This would have been over three years ago now, and we were talking about what we could do in our business. I could just tell he was going to be great! I could tell he cared about his team and wanted to get them to the next level. He really wanted them to grow! Right away I said,  “Ryan, I respect this, this, and this about you, and it’s really inspiring to me now that we are building this business just being able to see that you are this kind of a guy. I see so much potential for the kind of person you are.”

Okay, ya’ll, do you think I set that appointment? You bet I did! It has become one of the coolest relationships now. He has been in our coaching program ever since. He has been growing his business and soaking things up.

When you go looking for great things about your prospects, you’re going to find them!

I want to challenge you to use those things whenever you find them. Excel-orate every single person you come in contact with. Accelerate their life! Speak those great things to them and in their lives.

Don’t be afraid to ask others for them as well. Let’s say you got a referral and you’re going to meet or call someone. Get those great things about that prospect and use them when you meet them for the first time. Tell them how much you appreciate them and what you like about what their referral had to say about them.

Do this right away! Say those things at the start of your conversation. You can set the tone for that conversation and relationship. I can think of person after person, and prospect after prospect that I have excel-orated all through the years of my selling career and it been valuable and extremely important. Creating friends is quicker, I get appointments set quicker, I actually save so much time. I multiply my time because it moves me quicker through the process.

Speak those powerful things into their lives. It really works! Watch them realize how your product or service will make even more of an impact on their lives for the better.

Go out there today and keep everything in line.

Grow and be a joyful, fun person. Start to accelerate every single person by excel-orating them when you get a chance to talk to them. Look for those great things and speak right to them!

Let’s not forget to do this in your personal life as well. You can accelerate your kids, your spouse, and your best friends. You’ll see a difference in the direction that everyone is moving. Excel-orate those people because they mean a lot to you. For you to be reading this right now means so much that you want to better yourself and better those around you. I am inspired by that. I believe you can help others so much with the excel-orated words you say to them, and the service you bring to them.

Go on, get excel-orating today! People are waiting for you!

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