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Get More No’s

The prospecting game. I have done this for years. Literally knocked on 50+ thousand doors, made 100+ thousand cold calls, and I’m telling you, I’ve been shut down more than anyone I know. Tons of fun, right?!

Okay maybe not, but I know you want to become the best sales person ever. It’s easy.


Get more no’s than anyone else, more than the next person who is selling exactly what you are selling, because you care about your clients more and give them the best you have…but get more no’s.

Every single day I’m prospecting, I have this no goal. This is how many I will go after when I am calling on people. Out of 42 people I am calling, I will shoot for 27 of those to be no’s. Your whole focus will change. You’ll learn how to get the yes’s when you get the no’s. This will be a little challenging for you, but pick up that phone over and over, set your no goal, and see how much it makes a difference. Make it a fun focus!

True prospecting champions have a burning desire to succeed in doing what they fear the most daily. No’s are scary, they are, but I promise when you shift your thinking, you become a prospecting champion. Set more no goals than anyone else.

I want to hear what you are doing, what your no goals are, and how are they helping you. I want to know who’s on fire in the prospecting world! Comment below!

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