Build Up Their Skill Set

I constantly hear of people giving in to their made-up battle while prospecting. These principles I’m about to share will ensure a win! It’s great if you are trying to make connections with people.

You’ve used those name connectors, but you are still not getting the respect you know you deserve. You almost feel like a lower person with the kind of interaction you have. That’s how it is sometimes with prospecting. But it doesn’t have to be!

This principal needs to be inside your head: build up their skill sets!!!

Whenever you’re prospecting, you have the incredible ability to connect because of the same conversations you’re having with the same kinds of people over and over, and they are all in the general area of skill sets.

Let’s say you’re talking with someone in the real estate industry. You are naturally going to be talking to them about looking for houses. Maybe it’s the car business. You’re going to be talking to people about looking for cars. Whatever it is you are going to be talking about, you most likely will be talking about the same things. So what can we do?

You actually need to find good things to say about them while forwarding your message. Literally work to find nice things on every call, every interaction, and tell them how great they are. Here’s what I mean…

  • You say: “Hi John! I know you have phenomenal leadership abilities, and that’s why I want to run this by you…” Compliment their skills!
  • Another example: “John, I know that you worked incredibly hard to get to where you are, you make smart decisions, and you are consistent. Which is why I want to talk to you about…”
  • Or this one: “I love talking to world changers; to people who actually make an impact in life. Let me tell you about what I have in mind for you…”

You are complimenting their skill sets! You may not necessarily know that these are completely accurate (it’s easy to find out those things), but you may not know it’s spot on, and that is okay! If you compliment their skill sets, that allows them to open up a little bit more, it gives you a little bit more credibility in their mind, and you get to connect with them more.

Last thing for you to remember today: excuses in your prospecting arena are monuments of nothingness; they build bridges to nowhere.

No more excuses! Go out and build up your people and let’s grow!

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