Bring that Interested Energy

It’s never good to hear, “I’m having an off day,” or “Things are just not going very well for me.” How I see it…You are hurting your career by saying that stuff!  Especially in the world of prospecting. When you feel like you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing, or the “off-days” just won’t end, you have to remember why you started. Yes, you should be doing what you’re doing, because you have an incredible product and people need to know about it with a positive attitude and high energy! Bring that interested energy to your call, and to every meeting. People will not be interested unless you have the energy there!

There are so many things you can do in preparation for this. If you change your state through actions, it will change your mind. A great thing to do: talk to yourself! I tell myself all day long, “This person is going to buy!” “This will be my biggest client yet!” “They are going to love my product!” “This is going to be the one that shakes everything up and makes everything great; I can’t wait to get on the phone!”

Bring that interested energy.

Something else: when you’re feeling down, throw your arms up to the sky and just look up. It’s impossible not to smile!

Enthusiasm. It is what people want. It’s a choice. You have to form that interested energy. Run around, get yourself going, and get those people wanting to know what you have to offer. Change their lives because you know you can! You have to be the one to do it.

Your prospecting genius shines brightly when you are acting out your passion in conversation and activity. Let your enthusiasm shine bright, change some lives, and make those sales!

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