David Linsmeyer’s Bio

David Linsmeyer is a certified Elite Level Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

  • Partner & Elite Level Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting
  • Sales consultant, trainer and instructional designer with experience training hundreds of professionals globally
  • Consistently recognized in the top 3% of all salespersons at every position held
  • Spencer Hayes Award for Recruiting with Southwestern Advantage
  • Gold Certification, Presidents Club, and Growth Award Achiever in sales with Southwestern Advantage
  • Has knocked on 15,000+ cold doors and made 10,000+ B2B cold calls
  • Led efforts to design and implement General Business and Sales Training Curricula tied to National Occupational Skills Standards for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Pioneered the Riyadh Polytechnic Institute’s Ambassadors Program, increasing recruiting efforts and enrollment 50% for one of Riyadh’s premier vocational institutes

David cut his teeth in sales through his summers knocking on doors with the Southwestern Company’s sales and leadership program, Southwestern Advantage. He was a top first-year producer and top experienced producer year over year, as well as an award-winning recruiter and organizational leader, leading teams of 50+ in the field.

Beyond his summers selling books door-to-door, David has worked and consulted in a range of verticals, including education, travel, aerospace, healthcare and consumer products, offering both tactical expertise and strategic vision alike.

He has become an expert in helping both early stage and established organizations identify their unique value propositions and build their sales infrastructures. He has also explored and lived in emerging markets throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, working on large-scale government initiatives aimed at providing comprehensive skill development and training to local professionals.

Through these experiences, David has learned not only how to influence executive level decision makers across linguistic and cultural barriers, but he has also grown to understand and appreciate these barriers that so often divide us. He holds a limited working proficiency in Arabic and Thai and is just as at home on the back roads of Ethiopia as he is in a boardroom in Saudi Arabia.

He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University and currently resides with his wife and son in Indianapolis, Indiana.