42 Days to Prospecting Power

42 days of prospecting techniques and mindsets - shared in a fun and entertaining, 4-6 minute daily video, delivered to your inbox.

Let’s face it, overcoming fear, battling procrastination, and overcoming call reluctance is at least half the battle of succeeding in sales. Yet, most salespeople lose to that fear day in and day out costing them thousands of lost dollars in potential income and the angst of unmet goals.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are systems, tools, processes, techniques, and strategies that can help you to not only help you overcome the fear of prospecting, but to make you better at it as well! Contrary to what we often believe, great salespeople are not born; they are developed. And courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to feel the fear and do it anyways.

Dave Brown has assembled all of these tools into one compelling and inspiring video series called 42 Days to Prospecting Power. Where, for 42 consecutive days, you’ll receive a short video message from the Prospecting Pro himself, Dave Brown to help keep you focused and on track.

Learn new ideas. Get fired up. And get out in the public, on the phones, or knocking on doors generating new business. Let Dave help guide you along the way.

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Phil R. Taylor, Host of The Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success

Dave is a charismatic presenter who naturally evokes excitement and enthusiasm in his audience that bring out the best in everyone! He makes the process of learning, working, and achieving fun! 

Liz Bishop, Senior Vice President, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Dave is passionate about helping your group succeed. He has an incredible amount of day-to-day sales experience, so he is living the same challenges that your team is and he has effective tools for dealing with all of them! Don’t hesitate. Book Dave and watch your organization’s sales grow!  

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