What CAN We Do? with Joni Fedders—Episode 297 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Joni Fedders

As a past business owner, Joni understands the risks, rewards, and challenges that ownership and professional management bring. She had the opportunity at Iams as a Brand Manager to live in a professionally managed organization where she saw first-hand how strategy, strong leadership and culture can fuel a company to do great things.

After Iams, Joni co-founded a technology services company and became an Aileron client herself, taking the Course for Presidents, establishing an outside Board of Directors and utilizing strategic planning. The company grew from 2 to 100 employees in five years, was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Cincinnati Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was named by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the 25 fastest-growing companies in the region. After selling this business, she and her husband just couldn’t stop and bought a second business in decorative packaging that they operated for seven years before successfully selling.

In her role as President, Joni oversees Aileron’s strategic direction, culture, and operational activities. Her leadership and energy inspire and motivate the Aileron team and the community as we strive to raise the quality of life, one private business at a time.

Joni was honored with the “Forty Under Forty” award and received her bachelor’s degree in business from Miami University (the real one, in Ohio). She obtained her MBA from Xavier University. As college sweethearts, Joni and her husband Jim have been married for 27 years; they have three great children, a golden retriever and a small mutt who thinks he’s a cross between a mastiff and a pit bull. Family time is a crucial priority for Joni and they enjoy skiing, tubing, running, fishing, sports, eating Chipotle (don’t ask Joni to cook – she can’t), family events and vacations.

Show Highlights:

  • It’s a whole different ballgame when you can’t say, “I don’t like the way they’re doing things, because they are you.” —Joni Fedders
  • It’s fascinating how many thoughts we have behind our emotions and actions. —Joni Fedders
  • Thought, Emotion, Action is a powerful, simple tool that helps people make change. —Joni Fedders
  • You hit walls all day long, which is more of a sign of opportunity and learning than anything else. —Joni Fedders
  • We tend to make judgments that are bad, and sometimes they are, but it’s more about what can I do in this situation more than what I can’t. It’s being conscious to what that’s telling you. —Joni Fedders
  • Our brains are bad neighborhoods when we’re there by ourselves. —Joni Fedders
  • We usually all feel stuck when there are things that are out of our control. —Joni Fedders
  • I’m not sure mediocrity is an option in many places anymore. —Joni Fedders
  • Look at your situation’s parallel. How does what I do at home parallel this decision at work? —Joni Fedders

Joni’s final thoughts: I’m a believer that when you’re really stuck, call in some reinforcements. Get people to ask you good questions and shift the perspective.

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