Victory of Victimhood with Preston Smiles: Episode 179 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Personal Development’s breakthrough power couple, Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos, have supported thousands of people who have dramatically changed their lives by participating in the various programs and workshops they teach all over the world, including their groundbreaking 12-week online training program The Bridge Method, and the popular workshop The Bridge Experience. As agents of change, passion and possibility, they both founded their own movements that inspire and empower people worldwide, including Preston’s Love Mob and Alexi’s non-profit E.P.I.C. Preston and Alexi’s trainings are action-oriented and address all learning styles while engaging the Mind, Body and Soul. They are insanely committed to leading others on this same path and inspiring people to step fully into their unique gifts. They have created a movement of transformation and have built a tribe of loyal fans around the globe who aren’t just inspired by their work, but empowered by it. Their previous books include Love Louder and 50 Ways to Yay!

Show Highlights:

  • Everything points to something outside of ourselves to complete us. @PrestonSmiles
  • It’s not a matter of becoming – It’s a matter of revealing. @PrestonSmiles
  • It’s less about the doing and more about the being. @PrestonSmiles
  • Without awareness, there is no choice. @PrestonSmiles
  • You cannot change a habit that you are not aware of. @PrestonSmiles
  • “Diminishers” are ways we sabotage our success right before the breakthrough. @PrestonSmiles
  • The moment we take 100% responsibility we gain our power back. @PrestonSmiles
  • How did I create, allow or perpetuate this situation? @PrestonSmiles
  • What you permit, you promote. @PrestonSmiles

You can find out more about their revolutionary Bridge Method HERE.

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