Triggers Self-Discipline and Creating Radical Transformation with Marshall Goldsmith: Episode 181 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Business Thinkers in the World and the top-rated executive coach at the Thinkers50 ceremony in London since 2011. Published in 2015, his book Triggers is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times #1 Bestseller! He’s also the author of New York Times bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Business Book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, winner of the Harold Longman Award as Best Business Book of the Year. With a PhD from UCLA, Marshall is a pioneer 360-degree feedback as a leadership development tool. His early efforts in providing feedback and then following-up with executives to measure changes in behavior were precursors to what eventually evolved as the field of executive coaching. With nearly 40 years of hands-on experience, Marshall Goldsmith is the leading expert on leadership and coaching for behavioral change.

Show Highlights:

  • A trigger is any stimulus that may impact our behavior. @coachgoldsmith
  • Almost all of us have a great plan of what we want to be in life but don’t implement it well. @coachgoldsmith
  • Every day we are barraged by triggers in our environment that throw us off target. @coachgoldsmith
  • Our environments are often willpower reduction machines. @coachgoldsmith
  • We overestimate our willpower abilities and underestimate our need for help. @coachgoldsmith
  • Our default reaction in life is not to find happiness or meaning; it is inertia. @coachgoldsmith
  • If we don’t challenge ourselves inertia kicks in and we just keep doing what we’ve been doing. @coachgoldsmith
  • Most of us spend more time planning vacation than then we do planning our lives. @coachgoldsmith
  • Sometimes what we need to preserve is more important than what we need to change. @coachgoldsmith
  • Before doing anything, ask yourself “Am I willing to make the investment required to make the change.” @coachgoldsmith

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