The Energy Pie: Episode 244 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


Stan Mabry is an art seller by day and jiu-jitsu fighter by night.

After dealing privately in New York and a stint at Sotheby’s, Stanford Mabry founded the Nashville, Tennessee gallery in 1987 and has since established Stanford Fine Art as the premier purveyor of historical, Impressionistic and regional art in the Southeast. Works formerly in the collection of Stanford Fine Art have been acquired by various art museums around the world from as far away as the Musee American in Giverny, France, to as close as our local Tennessee State Museum. Stan’s clients know him as an art gallery owner. But what they don’t know is that once the gallery closes for the day, he’s something entirely different — seven-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Stan “The Man” Mabry. On any given night, Stan can be found at Brentwood Jiu-Jitsu, a small training facility. Though in his sixties, Stan shows no signs of slowing down now both in his business or his physical combat.


Show Highlights:

  • If it’s truly important to you, you’ll do the things it takes to get the job done. You’ll find a way to do it. -Stan Mabry
  • To excel at anything, you have to put the work in. -Stan Mabry
  • I write down my goals each night for the next day…It prepares your mind for it to become a reality. -Stan Mabry
  • You can’t be so locked in to a way that you aren’t open to a new vision. -Stan Mabry
  • Victory is reserved for those willing to pay its price. -Sun Tzu
  • Your daily actions must match your goals. -Stan Mabry

Stan’s closing thoughts–You might be the one on the podium, but a team got you there. Seek out mentors and their wisdom. Zero in on your energy pie.


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