The CIA Rule with Lars Tewes: Episode 268 of the Action Catalyst Podcast

Lars Tewes is the Managing Director of SBR Consulting, a leading sales performance consultancy. He has over 25 years of experience in creating sales force effectiveness in businesses around the globe.

In 2002, his passion for professional selling and sales transformation led him to co-found SBR Consulting. He tackles the issues of business development from a strategic viewpoint through implementing tailored sales and BD programmes.

He has worked directly with over 250 organizations from professional service practices and entrepreneurial start-ups to global financial and engineering firms, helping build sales cultures and inspiring individuals to develop sales habits for success, while having fun doing it!

He also practices what he preaches and continues to be a sales practitioner: making sales calls, holding meetings, setting targets, negotiating and winning business, and leading by example in everything he does.

In understanding his client’s challenges and inspiring them to achieve their goals, his ultimate goal is for the SBR team to “Elevate the Practice and Perception of Sales Worldwide.”

Specific areas of specialism include:

  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Sales Processes
  • Developing Company Sales Guides (Playbooks)
  • Sales Management & New Business Development


  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Business Studies
  • Fellow of APS (Association of Professional Sales)
  • Vistage International – Outperforming Speaker of the Year (multiple times)


  • Tennis (all racquet sports)
  • Extensive travel from climbing Kilimanjaro and skydiving over Tennessee to swimming with piranhas in the Amazon
  • Enthusiastic weekend taxi service for three energetic children

Show Highlights:

  • If you’re not forming good habits, you’re unconsciously forming bad ones. -Lars Tewes
  • The more structure you put in place, the more flexible someone can be. -Lars Tewes
  • The CIA rule: in life, there are things we can control, things we can influence, and things we just have to accept. -Lars Tewes
  • If you take care of the inputs, the outputs take care of themselves. -Lars Tewes
  • Sales is not just a numbers game; it’s a ratios game. -Lars Tewes
  • Understanding the connectivity between the result and the activity is what’s important. -Lars Tewes
  • Enthusiasm is not a random mood; it’s a daily choice. I choose enthusiasm. -Lars Tewes
  • Pressure may destroy many people in the world, but it seems to bring out the best in high performers. -Lars Tewes
  • 1. Be comfortable setting high goals, not just the realistic ones. 2. Have great self-talk. 3. Hold yourself accountable. -Lars Tewes
  • Look at the man in the mirror and ask: “Have you done what you said you would do?” -Lars Tewes
  • Seek first to understand and then be understood. -Stephen Covey

Lars’ closing thoughts: Sales is a transference of conviction. If you’re going to sell something, you have to really believe in it. True sales professionals are continually curious about their clients and really interested in how they can add value to their businesses.

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