Positivity Despite Tragedy : Episode 249 of the Action Catalyst Podcast

While on vacation in Mexico, the unexpected happened for Jake Hirning.  In a matter of seconds, his life was changed forever.  As Jake dove into a wave, the force of the ocean rammed him into the ocean floor, breaking his neck. A plane flew into Mexico and transported him to San Antonio, where 11 doctors took him to surgery. The surgery was successful, and Jake lived, but now he is paralyzed from the chest below and has minimal use of his hands. Through this tragedy, Jake has taken on every challenge with a positive attitude and a smile.  His determination is one that will bring him further each day.

Show Highlights:

  • This wasn’t the end. I’m in control of my life; I get to choose how I process and perceive these moments. -Jake Hirning
  • I’ve grown as a person [since the incident]. I don’t rely on a look to be confident anymore; I’m confident in myself. -Jake Hirning
  • Everyone has things that happen to them in life, but you choose if that defines you. -Jake Hirning
  • Surround yourself with people that you want to be like. -Jake Hirning
  • [If you’re in despair], the first thing to realize is this moment is temporary. You get to decide how you react to the situation. -Jake Hirning
  • Action cures fear. -Multiple sources

Jake’s closing thoughts: Accept the reality of what has happened; don’t deny or pretend that it didn’t. Invite others to share in the struggle with you instead of going it alone. Do anything to get into action.

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Positivity Despite Tragedy : Episode 249 of the Action Catalyst Podcast

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