One Small Success at a Time with Robin Crow: Episode 271 of the Action Catalyst Podcast

Robin Crow is an American author, recording artist, and public speaker. Crow is best known for his 2002 autobiographical book entitled Jump and the Net Will Appear. He is the builder, owner, and operator of Dark Horse Recording Studio in Franklin, TN. Crow also speaks at seminars and clinics around the country.

Crow is the Founder and CEO of three uniquely successful companies: Dark Horse Recording and Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN, and Luxury Mountain Rentals in Telluride, CO. As an RCA recording artist, he drew rave reviews for his musicianship while touring relentlessly. As an in-demand public speaker, he has delivered over 2,200 keynote speeches to major corporations and is the author of seven books, including the USA Today bestseller, Evolve or Die.

In 2010, Crow founded Dark Horse Institute (DHI), an accredited, for-profit academy to teach Audio Engineering and Music Business to young entrepreneurs. In 2013, DHI relocated to The Factory at Franklin (a historic stove factory which has been repurposed as a retail, educational, and entertainment complex). Their business model is to offer short, affordable courses taught by music industry professionals with an emphasis on leadership development.

The programs have experienced explosive growth while offering dramatic solutions to the challenges faced by students at traditional four-year colleges. DHI accelerates the learning process in an affordable, experiential learning environment, and in the process is changing the way education is conducted. Their goal is to create the most compelling educational model of the 21st century. In late 2016, they introduced two more programs, Film and Video Production, and Songwriting.

Show Highlights:

  • There’s a balancing act; you have to be a little bit realistic while at the same time set goals that are bigger than you ever imagined. -Robin Crow
  • If you don’t take action, then whatever you’re dreaming up is just wishful thinking. -Robin Crow
  • Accountability is super important because it’s holding yourself to a higher standard than ever before. -Robin Crow
  • 0.02% improvement every day, over the course of a year, is a doubling of output. 100% growth. -Dan Moore
  • One small success on top of another can lead to great confidence in your life. -Robin Crow
  • The triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. -Robin Crow
  • I’m bound and determined to not criticize others; I’m bound and determined to try to be a possibility thinker. -Robin Crow
  • I start my day every day with a TED Talk or other Youtube videos. -Robin Crow
  • If I can do anything well, it’s that I can delegate. -Robin Crow
  • Evolve or die. That’s the times we live in. -Robin Crow
  • You can’t build a business but you can build people who can build your business. -Spencer Hays

Robin’s closing thoughts: Start by taking care of yourself. If you’re not feeling at your best, you’re not going to be good for anyone else. It always comes back to the very basic of taking care of yourself. If I’m at optimal health, then everything else is going to be better. The worst thing you can do is start medicating; the best thing you can do is start being your best self physically and mentally so you can find ways to solve your challenges, one challenge at a time. Break it down to one step at a time.

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