How Navy Seals Create an Unbeatable Mind with Mark Divine: Episode 218 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Mark Divine is a highly sought after speaker, coach, author and makes frequent media appearances to discuss Seal way of life.  He is a U.S. Navy SEAL. BUD/S Class 170 Honorman, author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Unbeatable Mind, Seal Fit. Mark is a highly sought after speaker for corporations where his Unbeatable Mind program is helping to forge mental toughness among business leaders. He lives in Encinitas, CA., several blocks from the SEALFIT Training Center, the 20,000 square foot facility where he enjoys training with his family and team.

Show Highlights:

You are capable of 20 times more than what you’re facing. @MarkDivine

Win in your mind before the battle. @MarkDivine

I cannot rely on the old way I use to perceive things. @MarkDivine

Develop Control over your breath and use it as a center for everything else. @MarkDivine

Breath will lead you to be in physiological control of your body. @MarkDivine

That which you focus on tends to grow and take over. @MarkDivine

The trained mind will dialog in a positive way when the situation is hard. @MarkDivine

You are at your fullest self when body mind and spirit are all aligned. @MarkDivine

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