Company Culture and Delegation: Episode 245 of The Action Catalyst Podcast (Part 1 of 2)

Kelly Wright has over 25 years of experience in leadership, sales, operations, and strategy roles. Her deep Go-To-Market and general P&L management delivers critical expertise to the boardroom. Kelly has helped teams navigate multiple stages of growth, through an IPO, global expansion, leadership transitions, business model changes, and the demands of being a private and public company. Kelly has broad depth of experience in driving companies to best leverage technology, data, information, and the cloud in the digital age, all key board discussion areas. She recently retired from Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) as Executive Vice President of Sales after a 12-year run. Kelly joined Tableau as the company’s first salesperson one month prior to the launch of v1.0, and she helped grow Tableau into a multi-billion-dollar public company as a key member of the executive team. She grew Tableau’s worldwide sales and field operations from zero to $850M in revenue and managed over half of Tableau’s global team as the company grew to over 3,400 employees. In addition to building a public company, Kelly has hired thousands of employees and has been instrumental in building strong corporate cultures and high-performance teams. Kelly is an accomplished speaker on topics including Sales, Culture, High Performing Teams, Operational Excellence, Diversity, and Scaling.

Show Highlights

  • If you’re seeking a new job, make sure you can identify with the mission and the people. -Kelly Wright
  • Don’t sell what you can’t deliver. -Kelly Wright
  • You can’t teach what you don’t know; people won’t follow where you won’t go. -Spencer Hays
  • To be able to really connect with other human beings, to sell effectively, and help them effectively, you have to do it in your own way. -Kelly Wright
  • You must be intentional about your company culture. -Kelly Wright
  • My job was not to do their job. My job was to empower them to do their job to the best of their capability. -Kelly Wright (on delegation)

Kelly’s closing thoughts: When hiring new people, we chose the ones who were inspired by our mission and thought it was worthwhile. This allowed everyone to be on the same page and strive for the same goal. When we grew from 10 people to 3500, you couldn’t do it all yourself! So you had to decide what only you could do and empower others to do the rest.

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