Your Best Year Ever with Michael Hyatt: Episode 229 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Michael Hyatt is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.

His newest book, Your Best Year Ever was published in January and has already reached the USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

In 2014, the American Management Association named him as one of “The Top 30 Leaders in Business.” This year, his leadership development firm, Michael Hyatt & Company, made the Inc. 5000, a list of America’s fastest growing, privately-held companies.

Michael started his career in the world of traditional media. In fact, he spent most of it in the book publishing industry, most recently as the Chairman & CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, until it was acquired by HarperCollins in 2011. At that time, it was the seventh largest book publishing company in the U.S.

Michael was an early adopter of social media. His blog,, is one of the most popular in the world, with almost a million page views a month. He also has over 700,000 social media followers. His podcast, Lead to Win, is consistently in the iTunes top 50 in Business. He’s the creator of several popular online courses, including 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, Free to Focus, and Platform University. More than 60,000 people have gone through one or more of his programs.

Offstage, Michael is devoted to his family and church. He’s been married to his wife, Gail, for 39 years. They have 5 grown daughters and 8 grandchildren. They live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Show Highlights:

Limiting beliefs are like blinders or colored glasses that change how we see things. @MichaelHyatt

The most damaging limiting beliefs are the ones we have about ourselves. @MichaelHyatt

Resources are never the main challenge of achieving your dreams. @MichaelHyatt

Get clear on what you want, then the resources will show up. @MichaelHyatt

If your goal is in your comfort zone it is not going to ignite your imagination, demand innovation, nor focus your execution. @MichaelHyatt

Your goal must be risky. @MichaelHyatt

Every goal is a project, but not every project is a goal. @MichaelHyatt

Those who write their goals down have a 42% better chance of reaching that goal. @MichaelHyatt

People lose their way when they don’t first identify their why. @MichaelHyatt

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