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Why Competition is Over Rated

You don’t have to beat other people to dominate in business.  There doesn’t have to be a loser in order for you to be a winner.  And the business world today, seems to be rewarding those who have more of a selfless focus on serving than those who have a relentless focus on competing.  Those getting ahead seem to have […]

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5 Steps to Create Transformational Team Unity

A team is a group of people held together by a unifying set of beliefs.   But what those beliefs are, unfortunately all too often are unspoken. Typically, people gather with people who they are like or who believe what they believe. Yet there is some nearly mystical power that comes about as the inspiring byproduct of when a team takes […]

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Workplace Culture

Why Workplace Culture Matters

If you plant a perfect palm (tree) seed in North Dakota, the seed will not grow. Why? Is it because the seed is bad? No. It’s because palm (tree) seeds need to be in very warm places with high humidity in order to sprout and grow. It’s not just the seed that matters. But also putting it into the right […]

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You’re Gossiping and You Don’t Even Know It

People say all the time “I never gossip” but unfortunately many of them are mistaken.  They do participate in gossip, they just don’t realize it.  Because we think of gossiping as “telling” secrets we’ve heard; but there’s more to it than that.  To listen to gossip is to participate in gossip.  Why? Because when you listen to gossip you create […]

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workplace culture

Creating a Workplace Culture that Rocks with Arnie Malham – Episode 172 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Arnie Malham created a small side venture to help a few clients market beyond just the TV station. That venture ultimately got him fired and quickly became his best and only career option.Without a clue as to how to run a company, Arnie repeatedly “got it wrong” when it came to hiring, firing, and everything else related to building a […]

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10 Breakdowns That Erode Team Trust

Trust is the secret sauce of great teams. When you have trust in each other, you play together and win together. When you don’t have trust in each other, you play independently and who knows what happens. In our work with over 8000 teams at Southwestern Consulting, we’ve noticed that there are 10 basic beliefs that all the team members […]

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The Hidden Connection between Teamwork and Amazing Customer Service

Too often we treat our customers like gold but our colleagues like crap. Too often we compete with the people on our own team instead of collaborate with them. Too often we subvert those we work with instead of support them. And I’m not sure why. But I know it happens at some point in every team in every organization […]

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How to Turn Around Underperformance

Measuring results cannot be the only way you measure success. Because by the time results show up, you’ve already missed your chance to influence the outcome. Results are important but when it comes to using them as a tool to manage our business they are late. They are lagging indicators. They are looking in the review mirror. Ultra Performers know […]

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Managing Team Turbulence

AJ and I recently got a chance to tour the US Naval base in San Diego CA. One of the highlights of the tour was the helicopter rescue team. They told us stories of diving into the water out of mid-air, open ocean swim rescues, and navigating sea crash landings. One particularly interesting fact was that our guide – an […]

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