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The Essence of a Leader

Everyone wants to be a leader…until that moment where they have to truly step up and lead.  Because we often associate leadership with impressive titles, more pay, and additional job perks.  Yet leadership isn’t made in corner offices or fancy boardrooms. Real leadership happens on the front lines.  And what most leaders don’t understand about leading is that it isn’t […]

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variable time

Variable Time: 1 Idea That Can Cost You or Make You Millions

A key expense that we manage and consider regularly in business is “variable cost.” That is, all of the financial costs that go up proportionately with each additional unit of production. Variable costs (often interchangeably referred to as Cost Of Goods Sold – COGS) are the ones “you can never get away from” because they always go up as your […]

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7 Communication Tips That Make Great Leaders

  A great leader is a great communicator.  Yet communication, especially in the sense of public oratory, is in many ways a lost art form among today’s leaders.  It’s rare that we have a leader that delivers the kind of speech that touches our spirit and inspires us to be better.  Too often, leaders ride the credence of their position rather […]

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All You Need to Know About Leadership

The idea of leadership can be intimidating. But leadership is simple. To lead is to care. Leadership is learning to elevate the needs of others to be equal to or above your own. Leadership then is not a title. Leadership is not a position. Leadership is not a crown. Leadership instead, is a condition of your heart. It’s a heart […]

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How Do You Write Jokes?

If you’re a business leader or a professional speaker you don’t necessarily need to learn how to write jokes, but it will help you if you can learn to be funny.  Someone recently asked me, “Rory how do you write jokes?” My response was “don’t try to write jokes; instead write stories.”  For most people it’s much easier to write […]

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servant selling salesperson oath

Servant Selling Salesperson Oath

 My intuition tells me that for salespeople to survive in the future, more and more the market is not just going to prefer – but demand that they become servant sellers. Perhaps we should all just go ahead and formally declare that we are one by taking an oath such as this. What do you think? Anything you would add? Leave […]

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Managing Team Turbulence

AJ and I recently got a chance to tour the US Naval base in San Diego CA. One of the highlights of the tour was the helicopter rescue team. They told us stories of diving into the water out of mid-air, open ocean swim rescues, and navigating sea crash landings. One particularly interesting fact was that our guide – an […]

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Tips to writing a great blog

10 Steps to Writing a Great Blog

I’m getting asked more and more about my writing methodologies. Here is my quick preflight checklist for writing blog posts. Think of a person or persons in your life that you are writing to and put their name at the top of the page. In one sentence define what the message of your article is and write that at the […]

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How do I get started writing a book?

As of late this seems to be one of the most common questions that people keep asking me. And admittedly coming off of just finishing up the manuscript of my second commercially published book (Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, Jan 6, 2015, Penguin/RandomHouse) -and 11th nonfiction product that I’ve helped publish so far it is something fresh […]

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