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Why Not Me?

Why not me?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

There’s this lie that we tell ourselves:

The lie that someone is smarter.

More educated.

They’ve been doing it longer.

They know more than we do.

They have it figured out.

On and on and on and on.

Why not me?

How come I can’t come in and set the standard? Why can’t I do more than everyone else? I may have to work a bit harder. I may have to put in more hours, make more calls, plan my day, get up earlier, stop making excuses, do the things I don’t want to, get uncomfortable, be accountable to someone, add to my vocation, take action, or be a student of the game.

There’s absolutely nothing holding me back except for me. Not where I live, not my market, not those around me, not my education, nothing.

The only thing truly holding me back is me.

Are you doing everything you can to accomplish the things that you want? Those things that are truly important to you? It might be making more money, taking a vacation, buying a car or a house, having kids, going back to school, whatever your dreams are… are you doing everything you can to accomplish them?

What’s holding you back? I can tell you. It’s what’s between your ears. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t set the standard. Why you can’t do more than everyone else around you. There is no reason why you can’t have the life you want to live. It may take you more work. You might have to get out of your own way. You might have to put aside the fear of becoming successful.

And you just might have to make the choice in the moment. Instead of watching T.V., taking the day off, quitting early, or just checking out, you might have to get up off the couch or out of bed and make that choice to work. It doesn’t just happen.

This is what successful people do differently and what top producers do. That person you are thinking of right now that you want to be like, you want to have what they have—they worked for it.

Are you?

They aren’t better, they aren’t more gifted. They have put the work in. I’m not talking about the 9-5 work. I’m talking about the work that we don’t see. Those things you make time for. Those things you don’t put off because you don’t have time or you don’t know where to start.

If you are happy, be happy.

If you aren’t where you want to be, if you want to accomplish these things, do it. But stop saying there is someone better than you. Let that person compare themselves to you. If you want it bad enough, you will go out and get it.

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