I’m Not Going to Quit

How many of us have been there? We may be demotivated, we may be struggling, we may just not want to pick up the pieces and do it again.

Don’t quit.

I started in this business about five years ago. I called, I called, and I called some more. I practiced, I practiced, and I practiced some more. I worked day and night. I told myself this was the time I was going to make it work. I put in the long, long hours. I woke up early and many times I was going at it late at night. Those were tough days. I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to. There were days at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon that I was still pounding out calls. I remember people commending me for doing so (not that that has stopped!). I knew I had to keep doing it. I had to keep moving forward if I wanted to be successful.

Didn’t quit.

If you don’t have something that pulls you and makes you want to be successful, you need to find something else. We look for what pushes us. Our “why,” the motivation, the reason. Have you ever stopped and looked for what pulls you? If you have that, you are there. If you don’t, you may need to reevaluate.

Can’t quit.

We see when people become successful. They may be on TV, they may be in sports, they just may be that person that sits right beside you. The difference is: successful people are putting in the work early in the morning; they are putting in the work late at night; they are putting in the work on the weekends; and they are putting in work when you won’t. Because they aren’t pushed, they are pulled. There’s something there. Something that tells them to be the best. Their best. Not mine. Not yours. It’s theirs.

Keep going.

We can’t stop when we are getting there. How many times do you see people get away from what made them successful? They stop doing the things that got them there. You can tweak it, manipulate it, and change it, but don’t stop it. There’s no easy way out. The simple way is the work you put in. You can’t get mad at the results if you aren’t putting the work in. Don’t make the excuses. Put the work in and the results will come.

Enjoy it.

We have to enjoy it. We have a tendency to just want more, more, more. Take the time to smile, take a vacation, take a few days off just to enjoy yourself or the family. The business won’t stop, the world won’t fall in. Take time to remember why you do it. You’ll be happy you did.

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