Doesn’t Have to be All or Nothing—Just Has to be Something

Results vs. Activity

What are you doing to make yourself better?

As salespeople, we tend to skate by. We wing it, if you will. We do just enough dials. Do just enough meetings. Ask for referrals to have just enough people to call. Make just enough money. Play the game just good enough to get by.

So many times we aren’t doing the things it takes to be successful. The thing is, we look at it as if it has to be all or nothing. I have to read the whole book. I have to make 50, 75, 100 dials a day or I’m not doing anything. Or I have to sell X amount to be great. I have to have so many meetings or I’m not doing enough. We put our energy into our results and not into our activity.

So, we get frustrated. We shut down. Or we stop doing it because it’s not working. We get close, but we can’t see the light. We start making excuses. Telling ourselves we aren’t good enough. People aren’t buying. We might lose our self-confidence. We lose the person that got us to where we are. The person that was doing the work. The person that was doing something, not nothing.

Consistency Is Key

You’ve heard that consistency is the key. I’m here to tell you nothing will beat it. Consistently asking for referrals. Consistently doing your dials. Setting meetings. Getting in front of people, reading, practicing your language, getting up early, planning your day.

Consistently being consistent will conquer all of those things you struggle with daily.

Consistently putting your energy into your activity and not into your results will get you to where you want to go.

I was having a conversation with a coaching client the other day. This quote comes from him. We will call him Kyle. “Doesn’t have to be all or nothing—just has to be something.” That’s the art of not giving up. When you don’t feel like it, you still do it. When you want to stop, you do one more. If it’s 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. or whatever time it is for you, do you stop for the day or do you do one more call?  Do you talk to one more person? If you have to get up early to do something, do you do it? Do you know why?

Because something is better than nothing.

I want to thank you, Kyle, for being a true example of this. I want to thank you for being coachable, committed, and willing to change when the things you were doing just weren’t working the way they should.

There are times when doing something is better than doing nothing.

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