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Be Great at Suffering

We’ve all been there. The days that you wake up and you just feel “off.”  The times that you just don’t feel like doing it that day. The opportunities that may be lost because we decide we don’t have it that day.

What goes by the wayside? Maybe we don’t make calls. Maybe we just surf the internet. We are at work, but we aren’t really doing anything. We tell ourselves it’s just one day, a couple hours, an hour. Whatever it is, it’s okay, because we just don’t have it. We will have it again and be motivated tomorrow.

Part of being great at what you do is being great at the hard parts, the non-motivated days, the days it gets hard. The days we need to embrace the pain. You’ve worked for it, you’ve worked through it. It’s supposed to be hard.

If it wasn’t, everyone would be great at it.

I hear so many salespeople, literally every day, talk about how hard it is. That they are the only ones going through it. They’ve lost their confidence. These salespeople may have struggled at some point in the last month, few months, even a year, and now they want to quit. They aren’t pushing through the hard parts. They are trying to find the easy way to do things. The easier way to get appointments, make calls, and be successful (or their definition of successful).

There are no overnight successes. There aren’t people that just have “it.” They’ve worked at it so it seems easier. They’ve put in the hours, that time, and the effort. Instead of worrying about how to make it easier, start to be great at the hard stuff.

  1. Dialing
  2. Asking for referrals
  3. Planning your day
  4. Being disciplined
  5. Asking for business
  6. Getting out of your comfort zone
  7. Positive self-talk
  8. Reading and adding to your vocation
  9. Not making excuses

This is your list. This is it. Do you notice anything here? Every single one of these YOU can control. The best part, you do these things over and over again and you will become your definition of success. Go out and do all that you can to be great at these 9 things and everything that you want will happen. I promise you that.

At the base of this, it’s pretty easy. Stop looking for the easy way out. Don’t get away from what will and has made you successful in the first place.

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