Take Control of Your Day!

Take Control of Your Day!

Ever have one of THOSE days? You know what I am talking about . . . the day that everything seems out of control and there is nothing you can do to reign it in. One of my coaching clients told me a story of her day, actually it was her whole week. It all started Monday when she came into the office to a bunch of “fires” and hundreds of new emails. As Monday progressed, then Tuesday, then Wednesday . . . and on Thursday she finally noticed that she had not done one income producing activity the whole week. NOT ONE! Ouch . . .

You might be thinking, Well that’s just normal, right Becca? Sure it’s probably normal, but should it be the norm or even expected?

Control the Controllables

One way to overcome those “fires” is to control the controllables. Here’s what I mean: You have to manage your activity. You have to focus on your income producing activities (IPA’s) or what we at Southwestern Consulting call Critical Success Factors (CSFs). If you don’t control your schedule and your activities then it will control you. If your schedule controls you are you maximizing your earning potential, able to spend extra free time with family or friends, or even enjoying your job?

Here’s a couple of things that will help you control the controllables.

  1. Create a weekly detailed schedule. Schedule your days from the time you get up each morning until the time you go to bed for all 7 days. I do mine on Sunday evenings.Do not do it on Outlook or even on a paper calendar. I suggest you create one on an Excel spreadsheet.You have to know where you are spending every minute of your day. This will allow you to see where you are being a time waster and not being productive. Use this as your guide when life throws you a curve ball. Then your schedule will help you get back on track back to what you were needing to do.
  2. Know your numbers. Track the number of dials, reaches, appointment set, appointments held, number of closed business, production numbers, number of referrals, etc. Without focus on your numbers how are you ever going to hit your goals and dreams? Hint: YOU’RE NOT!
  3. Set aside time to prospect. At Southwestern Consulting we call this time Golden Hours. Dustin Hillis, one of our co-founders, says you have to treat this time like it’s the most important appointment in your day. Set aside and block out 1 or 2 hours every day just to prospect. Remember in Golden Hours, you don’t check emails, you don’t make personal calls, you don’t hang up the phone—dial like crazy, and don’t answer calls that isn’t someone calling you back to set up an appointment. Some people call this “dialing for dollars.” I call this dialing for success!

By doing these three things you will see growth in your business. Make sure you are focused on your income producing activities first every day. Remember, if we let issues and fires run our day, our pipeline dries up, production decreases significantly, and we don’t achieve our goals.

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