How to Focus with Laser Beam Intensity

How to Focus with Laser Beam Intensity

Have you seen the YouTube video, “Male Lion Better Hunter than Lioness?” Check it out if you haven’t. One of my coaching clients was telling me about it and we made an analogy to sales with this video. If you watch the video the lioness just watches and half-heartedly pursues a heard of wildebeest. It’s like she gives up and lies down.

Having No Focus Has Consequences

How many times in your sales career have you felt that you were running around in circles, you let a sale pass you by, or that you were working harder and not smarter? Let’s admit it—we have all been there haven’t we? Actually, it might be a feeling that you’ve had on a consistent basis lately. How frustrating is that for you? Do you know that you can do more and be more in your career but you just feel like the lioness at times?

As the video continues, out of nowhere the male lion snags one for the kill. It was like he was laser focused. The lion even gets trampled on by another wildebeest and keeps going after the kill until he is successful.

Laser Beam Focus

So what do lions hunting and your sales career have in common? You have to be “laser beam focused” every day to hit those goals (or get the wildebeest) you have set out for yourself. At Southwestern Coaching I tell my coaching clients on one of our very first calls that there are 3 fundamental cornerstones in your sales career you need to be successful. If you have these 3 cornerstones it will help you be “laser beam focused.”

  1. Know Your “What,” “Why,” and “How”: Your passion for what you do is so important to your success. Create a vision or a dream board. Discover your “what” by writing your vision statement, which will lead to your “why.” Your “why” forms your mission statement. If your vision and mission aren’t clarified how can you have a sense of purpose and direction? That is why it’s important to know your “what,” “why,” and finally your “how.” To chart a course for how you’ll achieve your “what” and “why,” create your creed—your “how” of living your life to your fullest potential. Your creed will act as a guide helping to point you into the right direction that you need to go. Creeds are not just for companies, you can create a personal creed, too.
  2. Know Your Numbers: We call them your Critical Success Factors, otherwise known as your income producing activities (IPAs). If you don’t know the activities that make you money, if you don’t know your ratios (closing ratio, dial-to-reach ratio, contact-to-appointment-set ratio etc.), then how can you expect success if you don’t inspect? You can’t plain and simple! Start tracking your dials, reaches, appointments set, appointments held, and sales closed. You need to know your numbers so you know what you have to do each day, week, month, and year to hit your goals. If you don’t it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark—you will miss the bullseye 99% of the time.
  3. Have a schedule: Create a weekly schedule that you can print out and have in front of you all day long. Don’t keep it on Outlook, your phone, your day planner, but create it on an excel spreadsheet and plan every hour of each day from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Make every moment matter and have no time wasted.

3 Steps to Focus & Success

Now if you have: 1) a strong vision, mission, and creed, 2) you know your numbers, and 3) you have a schedule that you live by, you have all the elements in place to help you stay focused on those IPAs.

This is your cornerstone, this helps you be like the lion—go out there laser beam focused with purpose and intent!

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