Family-Owned Business: Leading with Integrity

Family-Owned Business: Leading with Integrity

“To lead, you only need to say ‘Follow me.’ Make your action your instruction.” —Darren Hardy

This quote speaks volumes about what it takes to be a business owner. As business owners, whether you’re an LLC, a corporation, a 1099 employee, or a self-made person, the idea of being a leader worth following is key to leading your business to success.

I became a business leader through my family—I work within a family-owned business. It’s a small percentage of business leaders, but some of the most impactful leaders in communities across the nation, and the world, are those who lead family-owned businesses. A lot of my clients are operating family-owned businesses in numerous industries. There’s an added layer of leading and following that other businesses don’t deal with—usually everyone you work with is also a family member. You can’t just get rid of them! Becoming a leader worth following doesn’t happen overnight. Because I see such a need with coaching family-owned business leaders, I’ve started a new series called Family-Owned Business where I’ll discuss important and relevant topics on what we can all do to better run our family businesses.

Our first discussion is recognizing our actions as a leader. Your leadership goes beyond any office walls—you are also leading within the walls of your home.

Are your actions worthy of being followed?

Your family, team, and company will emulate their leader. If you are unwilling to do something, they won’t do it either. Have you done the things you have asked them to do? Are you leading with integrity? When you have integrity, you’re showing up every day and putting in the work. You are saying the right things, you’re building your business because you want to serve others—that’s leading with integrity.

At Southwestern Coaching we say that leadership is not about having people work for you. True leadership is identifying a group of people for whom it is inspiring to work with. It’s about creating opportunities for other people that are bigger than what they might create on their own.

So how do we lead by example?

First, do the things you say you are going to do and lead by example. Secondly, inspire others! One way to inspire others is to build them up, be positive, celebrate the small and big successes, and tell them that you appreciate them. Finally, show your team that they can trust you. If your company’s culture is low it’s because there is no trust. Your integrity is lost in the weeds. If that is the case, there are a few things to do to combat low trust: show gratitude, be positive in all things you do and say around the team, be reliable, and be open to communication.

Get out there, lead with integrity and watch your business soar.

“The true measure of leaders is not the number of people who serve them but the number of people they serve.” —John Maxwell


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