Anthony Merkel’s Bio

Anthony Merkel is a certified Professional Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

  • Partner &  Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting
  • Recruited, trained and managed several hundred college students to sell books as former District Sales Manager for Southwestern
  • Top 1% of Southwestern sales producers and recruiters
  • Over 15 years of experience in sales, sales management, recruiting and leadership
  • Recruited and trained several top sales teams
  • Spencer Hays Silver Award For Recruiting
  • Platinum Certification in Sales and Recruiting (highest level awarded for selling and recruiting)
  • Maintained the University of Missouri in the top 25 of 300 out of all Southwestern Advantage campuses for 11 out of 12 years in sales, recruiting and training

Anthony’s wheelhouse is truly helping people achieve their goals. He can encourage people to believe bigger and helps them boil down the action steps to be completely achievable.

He is a systems master, with the ability to make complex and time-consuming situations simple. He is a psychology graduate of Missouri.

As a master recruiter, he is skillful in sales training and coaching, bringing out the best in individuals and supporting them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Anthony believes that to completely be fulfilled in life; one must strive to achieve in their career but also in travel, hobbies, and interests, family, friends, faith and self-exploration.