& Then Some: The Art of Exceeding Client Expectations Video Series

If you need help with follow up, client retention, marketing, social media or just finding new and creative ways to build your business, then this course was made for you!

21 unique, 10-15 minute training sessions allow you to custom tailor your own learning experience based on the topics you need the most help with first. Upon registering for this training course, you will receive all 21 training videos for download, via email, so that you can begin to build your own personal online training archive.

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SELLING: Quick Tips for Growing Your Income and Exceeding Client Expectations Mini-book

Quick Tips for Growing Your Income and Exceeding Client Expectations.

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Selling to the Sexes: Redefining Expectations Between Men and Women in the World of Work

1 Hour Audio Training Program

A communications course in how to deal with the differences between men and women in every day occurrences. How to work with, sell to and manage the opposite gender. A sales course in verbal and non-verbal communication and the overall effects of how men and women think, act, re-act, buy and sell in different situations.

  • How to work with, sell to, and manage the opposite gender.
  • About the differences between the male and female brain.
  • Why miscommunication exists so heavily between men and women.
  • The underlying meaning of our words and actions.
  • What verbal and non-verbal communication cues are being sent by the opposite gender.
  • Strategies for enhancing your dress and appearance to improve the way you are perceived.

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30 Tips in 30 Days

Video Course

30 Days of Video Sales Training with Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting™, Amanda Johns Vaden – Delivered Right to Your INBOX!

Gain access to 30 unique, 3-7 minute, video training sessions give that you easy to implement tips in the art of sales, personal motivation, social media and time management. Upon registering for this 30-day course, you will begin receiving a daily sales training video delivered straight to your inbox.

All you have to do is click, watch and implement!

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Liz Bishop, Sr. Vice President, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Amanda has an incredible amount of day-to-day sales experience and he has effective tools for dealing with all of the prospecting challenges! Don’t hesitate. Learn from Amanda and watch your sales grow!  

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